For decades, the CPG industry has led efforts to solve the nation's solid waste challenges through innovative solutions that reduce waste, improve packaging design, improve recyclability of packaging materials, and through programs that educate consumers on the importance of recycling. Our efforts have resulted in dramatic improvements in packaging recycling and recovery and we will continue that commitment to innovation and leadership.

Together, the sector will voluntarily reduce its packaging by 4 billion pounds by 2020- a 19 percent cumulative avoidance. We know that waste remains a challenge throughout our industry and others’, but we are committed to finding innovate solutions and progress.

Read about the industry’s packaging reduction efforts in Reducing Our Footprint: The Food, Beverage and Consumer Products Industry’s Progress in Sustainable Packaging.

Extended Producer Responsibility

GMA member companies are focused on developing efficient, holistic waste reduction and recycling solutions that address both packaging and food waste.  At the same time, there is increasing debate in North America as to whether extended producer responsibility (EPR) policies should be expanded to include packaging and printed paper waste. 

A new report by leading consulting firm SAIC brings to light evidence that EPR programs fail to deliver on their promise of creating more cost-effective residential recycling programs and driving packaging redesign.  The report found that non-EPR polices can produce high recycling rates and recycle a more comprehensive range of materials without incurring the additional costs and administrative burdens associated with EPR.  Click below to learn more.