Chemicals Management

Nothing is more important to our industry than product safety.

So when it comes to the ingredients used to make and package our products, GMA and its member companies are committed to scientific solutions that promote chemical innovation and provide users with safe, effective and convenient products. We are applying the knowledge that we gain to the products that we make, and we ask our companies to share this knowledge within the industry as part of our culture of continuous improvement.

GMA Contact: Shannon Cooksey, MS, PMP- Vice President, Science Policy and Program Management

Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)

GMA has taken the lead in modernizing the country’s approach to chemicals management, the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), which governs chemical assessment and management in the United States. With our coalition allies, we are engaging with all stakeholders to develop and promote an effective, science- and risk-based approach to TSCA reform.

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Green Chemistry

GMA is working with a number of different state regulatory agencies to ensure that rational, scientific and effective risk based approaches to chemicals management and assessment are embodied in state and federal legislation and regulations, that informed substitution is the centerpiece of alternative assessment, that regulatory approaches do not fuel retailer, consumer or shareholder concerns about specific chemicals and the proliferation of chemicals management legislation at the state and local level is effectively and efficiently addressed.

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GMA Science Policy Paper Series

The Science Policy Paper Series explores some of the most important food and chemical-related science policy issues before consumers today. Each paper includes a review of key scientific articles, regulatory considerations, food and beverage applications and market insights.

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Bisphenol A (BPA)

Bisphenol A (BPA) has been used in food packaging for more than 30 years to improve the safety and quality of food and beverages. It is one of the most intensively studied manmade chemicals in use today, food safety experts and regulatory agencies that have reviewed BPA have concluded that its use in food and beverage containers is safe.

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Since acrylamide was first discovered in food in 2002, scientists, regulators and industry leaders in the United States, Europe and Canada have been conducting studies to better understand and mitigate its formation during food processing and preparation. Learn more about how the industry is innovating to reduce acrylamide.

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Chemicals Management in the States

Employees of GMA member companies can log-in for additional resources related to chemicals management issues in state and local jurisdictions.

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Food Additives and GRAS Substances

GMA works to provide members with insights about FDA’s oversight of food additives/GRAS substances and the safety of these ingredients.

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GMA continues to monitor the progress made in the Tox21 program and is a partner with several organizations that are actively engaged with testing validation and data interpretation activities. Our members are committed to consumer safety and take our responsibility to produce safe products seriously.

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