Sanitary Transport

Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Foods Rule

The Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Foods (STF) final rule applies to shippers, receivers, loaders and carriers who transport food in the United States by motor or rail vehicle, unless specifically exempted in the rule. The rule focuses on transportation practices that create safety risks, rather than those that affect its quality but don’t necessarily make it dangerous to consume. Vehicles and transportation equipment used in association with food transportation must be adequately designed to prevent transported food from becoming adulterated. General requirements are established for shippers, receivers, loaders, and carriers engaged in transportation covered by the rule. Responsibilities include employing specific measures to ensure the safety of food during transportation. Shippers must inform their carriers about the necessary requirements for the transported products, including temperature control if necessary, and all necessary sanitary specifications for the carrier’s vehicle and transportation equipment.  Requirements for carriers only apply when the carrier and shipper have a written agreement that the carrier is responsible for sanitary conditions during the transportation operation.  Receivers would be subject to requirements for the receipt of food that requires temperature control for food safety under the conditions of shipment. Requirement for loaders only apply when they load food that is not completely enclosed by a container or food requiring temperature control for food safety. Recordkeeping requirements mostly apply to specifications and written procedures.

Update (04/06/2016): On April 6, 2016, the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animals Foods (STF) final rule was published to the Federal Register.

Important Dates:  The earliest compliance date for most entities will be one (1) year after the final rule is published, on April 6, 2017.


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