Preventing Foodborne Illness

GMA has extensive in-house microbiology and chemistry expertise that is used to develop processing and packaging methodologies and guidance on ways to prevent the incidence of foodborne illness for the benefit of GMA members. In addition, GMA scientists conduct member supported research to address industry problems and support regulatory policies.

Below are some of the ways in which GMA is working with manufacturers to ensure the delivery of safe, quality products to consumers.

Laboratory Assistance & Consulting

GMA provides laboratory assistance and consulting in the broad categories of food safety, process authority, food microbiology, food chemistry, sanitation and good manufacturing practices (GMPs).

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Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) Support

The use of HACCP as a food safety management system and its role in food policy continues to grow. As a leader in HACCP, GMA offers guidance in many forms, including online training, reference manuals, and in-person workshops.

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Preventing Salmonella

GMA serves as a key industry resource in understanding and preventing the development of Salmonella in food processing. We have produced numerous guidance documents to help manufacturers ensure the safety of their products.

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