Laboratory Assistance & Consulting

GMA provides laboratory assistance and unlimited consulting in the broad categories of food safety, process authority, food microbiology, food chemistry, sanitation and good manufacturing practices (GMPs), to its members. Access to GMA’s technical staff and laboratories for consulting and troubleshooting is one of the major benefits of membership.

The following is a listing of some of the areas in which GMA can assist your company:

  • Cause of product spoilage determination
  • Pathogen evaluation
  • Thermal process recommendation
  • Thermal process deviation evaluation
  • Retort system evaluation
  • Product contaminant (chemical) evaluation
  • Product/package interaction evaluation
  • Duplicate regulatory sample analysis
  • Risk assessment of chemical residues
  • Nutritional chemistry

For assistance with and/or consultation in any one of the above areas, contact Audrey Rubio at 202-639-5928, Assistant, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, to be directed to the appropriate staff member.