Preventing Salmonella

As part of its product safety mission, GMA serves as a key industry resource in understanding and preventing the development of Salmonella in food production.

Through a review and synthesis of industry programs and scientific literature, in conjunction with an industry taskforce, GMA has produced a series of guidance documents for the control of Salmonella when manufacturing low-moisture foods.

To specifically assist the nut industry, GMA launched an initiative that built upon the Salmonella guidance for low-moisture foods and developing a comprehensive handbook for peanut and tree nut shellers, hullers, processors and manufacturers. The resulting comprehensive manual, Industry Handbook for Safe Processing of Nuts, is comprised of four chapters and includes 15 appendices and three addenda: Industry Handbook for the Safe Shelling of Peanuts, Good Agricultural Practices for California Pistachio Growers, and Good Agricultural Practices for Almond Growers.

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Contact: Melinda Hayman, Ph.D. - Director, Microbiology