Thermal Processing

GMA has a tremendous wealth of institutional knowledge and technical expertise in food and thermal processing, which it makes available to the industry in numerous forms.

Understanding the science behind processing, and the importance of a process authority and the role they serve in the food safety system, is essential to preventing foodborne illness. Regulatory agencies are placing a greater emphasis on the review of thermal process filings and are reevaluating the application of traditionally conservative thermal food processes.

GMA experts are a valuable asset to member companies and can provide direct assistance and recommendations on thermal processing.

Workshops and Webinars

A full slate of hands-on thermal processing training workshops is also offered for technicians from industry, government and academia. These offerings typically include:

  • Thermal Processing Professional Training Program
  • Industry Guidance on Acidified Foods Workshop
  • Essentials of Thermobacteriology Workshop
  • Thermal Process Development Workshop
  • Management and Evaluation of Thermal Deviations Workshop

Visit the GMA Events Calendar for the latest processing workshop and webinar offerings.

Publications and Manuals

Processing reference manuals may be purchased through the GMA Bookstore.

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Contact: Karina Martino, Ph.D. - Specialist, Thermal Processing