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Providing Leadership beyond the Beltway

States and communities play an important part in the public policy debate in this country, providing new ideas and thought leadership out of the bright glow of the national spotlight. States often serve as a laboratory for policy solutions, where successes are magnified and quickly move onto the national agenda, and this is the case with many issues impacting the food, beverage and consumer products industry.

What We Do

Policymakers in the states look to GMA and its members for information and leadership on issues that are as vitally important as those being determined in Washington. Tax policy, solid waste management and chemicals management are just a few of the issues that are at the top of the list in states and localities throughout the U.S.

GMA’s seasoned state and local government affairs team—working out of GMA headquarters in Washington and three regional offices around the country—carefully evaluates state legislative proposals that may impact the CPG industry and works collaboratively with coalition allies to share industry’s perspective with each bill’s champion.

Please Note: Starbucks
Starbucks is an affiliate member of GMA. As an affiliate member, it is not involved in any policy, governance, or legal work with the Association, which includes the lawsuit in Vermont.

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Contact: Amanda Hagan, Esq., Vice President, State Affairs and Grassroots