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A new report shows that although Americans are more environmentally concerned than ever, a patchwork system of local policies has confounded consumers and damaged recycling efforts. According to the study, released by the Grocery Manufacturers Association, 75% of Americans say they have changed their behavior in recent years to be more environmentally conscious, taking steps to recycle more frequently, buy sustainable products or reduce waste. Despite the growing consumer consciousness of environmental issues, there remains a considerable gap between aspiration and reality. For instance, 92% of respondents are unsure or believe anything with a plastic resin label could be recycled curbside, although only two of the seven codes are consistently recyclable. Another clear disconnect: the codes are designed for employees at sorting facilities, not consumers.

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WASHINGTON, March 5, 2019 — The Grocery Manufacturers Association today issued the following statement from President and CEO Geoff Freeman on the departure of FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb. “Under the leadership of Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, the Food and Drug Administration was a strong and effective champion of public health. His candor, transparency and willingness to work together was a welcomed approach in the regulatory environment. The consumer packaged goods industry believes in smart, uniform regulation and a strong FDA is a critical partner in building trust in the products Americans use every day.”

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