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GMA Report Highlights Industry Leadership on Environmental Sustainability

New report spotlights progress and achievements by CPG companies as they work to reduce their environmental footprint and implement innovative sustainable business practices.

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(Washington, D.C.)—The following statement was released by Claire Parker, spokeswoman for the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food, regarding today’s congressional hearing on the societal benefits of biotechnology

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(Washington, D.C.)—Today, an increasingly discredited coalition of anti-GMO groups, led by Just Label It and the Environmental Working Group, went to Capitol Hill to join Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) in their misguided push for mandatory GMO labeling laws. Studies have found mandatory labeling laws will raise food costs for America’s families in the checkout aisle, impose unnecessary burdens on farmers and food producers and ultimately eliminate biotechnology from American agriculture.

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GMA Files Lawsuit to Overturn Vermont’s Unconstitutional Mandatory GMO Labeling Law

WASHINGTON, DC – The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), along with the Snack Food Association, International Dairy Foods Association and the National Association of Manufacturers, has filed a complaint in federal district court in Vermont challenging the state’s mandatory GMO labeling law.  GMA issued the following statement in conjunction with the legal filing.

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New Consumer Survey: Americans Support FDA’s Voluntary Labeling Policy for GMOs

Washington, D.C. – Despite extensive media coverage of activist efforts to impose controversial state-based labeling laws for GM foods, a new consumer survey by the International Food Information Council Foundation finds that a majority of Americans support the FDA’s current voluntary labeling policy for foods containing GM ingredients. The survey also reveals positive perceptions of GM foods that offer nutritional benefits, and continued overall confidence in the safety of the U.S. food supply.

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Cornell Study: Mandatory GMO Labeling Would Increase Food Prices $500 for NY Families

(Washington, D.C.)—As food prices continue to rise for families across the country, a new study from Cornell University this week revealed that New York’s proposed mandatory GMO labeling bill would cost families an average of $500 per year at the checkout aisle. The study comes on the heels of similar studies in Washington state and California that showed mandatory GMO labels would result in similar increases in the cost of food.

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