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GMA Releases Guidelines for Industry on the Control of Salmonella in Low-Moisture Foods

WASHINGTON, DC - The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) today released a guidance document for industry titled, Control of Salmonella in Low-Moisture Foods, designed to provide food companies with specific recommendations on how to control the presence and growth of Salmonella when manufacturing low-moisture foods.

“GMA has always been a leader in providing industry-wide guidance that offers food and beverage companies reliable, science-based recommendations on ways to further enhance the safety of their manufacturing processes,” said GMA Senior Vice President and Chief Science & Regulatory Affairs Officer Robert E. Brackett. “These guidelines are based on the shared knowledge and expertise of industry experts and we are confident that this document will be a valuable resource to companies in helping them to meet their on-going commitment of providing consumers with quality food products that are safe.”

The guidance is applicable to various products that include, but are not limited to, peanut butter, cereals, dry protein products (such as dried dairy products, soy protein, rice protein), confections (such as chocolate), snacks (such as corn chips), spices, animal feeds (both ingredients and finished products), pet foods and pet treats. The Control of Salmonella in Low-Moisture Foods document can be accessed at