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GMA Statement in Response to Mark-up of ‘The Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009’ by the House Energy and Commerce Committee

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) issued the following statement by President and CEO Pamela G. Bailey in response to today’s mark-up of ‘The Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009' by the House Energy and Commerce Committee:

“Food safety is our number one priority and we share the goals of The Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009. This bipartisan bill contains many of GMA’s food safety proposals, and we look forward to continuing our work with Congress to enact food safety legislation that makes prevention of contamination the foundation of our food safety strategies.

“The Committee should be commended for its commitment to work in a truly bipartisan manner to strengthen and modernize our nation’s food safety system. While we have concerns with certain provisions of the bill, we applaud the Committee for developing food safety legislation which requires all food manufacturers to have food safety plans, sets new standards for fruits and vegetables, expands FDA’s enforcement powers, and gives FDA new tools to address risky imports.

“Industry and government both have unique and important roles when it comes to food safety. Because consumer confidence is the foundation of everything we do, manufacturers take food safety very seriously and invest their reputations and resources in producing safe products.

“Our industry is increasing its investment in food safety and is prepared to make additional investments to continually improve the safety of our food supplies. We look forward to working with Congress to swiftly enact food safety legislation that boosts consumer confidence and addresses the challenges posed by today’s global and complex food supply.”