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GMA Statement on Standards for School Foods

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) today issued the following statement by GMA Vice President of Federal Affairs Scott Faber regarding standards for school foods:

“The Grocery Manufacturers Association strongly supports efforts to feed many more children through school lunch and breakfast programs and to increase the number of healthy choices in the cafeteria. We share Senator Lincoln's priorities for a stronger Child Nutrition Act, including increased access to the school meals programs, science-based USDA standards for foods sold in schools, more healthy foods available in the cafeteria, and more education about healthy diets.

“In particular, we believe that Congress should give USDA clear authority to set science-based standards for foods sold in schools during the school day. The school environment is a special environment, and USDA should be given the power to establish nutrition standards for competitive foods. We applaud Senator Lincoln for proposing that foods sold through the a la carte line, vending machines, and school stores during the school day are subject to science-based USDA standards, and for recognizing the important progress already underway as the result voluntary initiatives. We look forward to working with her to enact a stronger child nutrition laws.”