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GMA Submits Comments to FDA on Long-Term Sodium Reduction Draft Guidance

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(Washington, D.C.) The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) last week urged the Food and Drug Administration to ensure any proposed long-term sodium reduction targets are based on a review of the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) for sodium, future knowledge gained from work on the short-term sodium reduction targets, results of new research that will become available on human health outcomes and dietary sodium intake, and the emergence of new technologies that allows sodium reduction targets to be safely and effectively achieved.

GMA filed its comments on Friday on the FDA’s proposed long-term sodium reduction targets.

“GMA and its members remain committed to lowering sodium while assuring that products are safe, have the desired function and texture and meet consumer taste expectations,” said Leon Bruner, GMA’s Chief Science Officer.  “Our member companies have been making strides in reformulating products to provide these lower sodium options to consumers, in fact many have already been able to reduce sodium by over 20 percent.”

In its comments, GMA encouraged FDA to fund and drive to completion a review of the (DRI) of Sodium by the National Academy of Medicine because the current DRI is based on 13-year-old data and does not consider recently completed studies, some of which suggest higher mortality and adverse health outcomes associated with low-sodium diets.

The organization also cautioned that in order to reach the long-term targets, innovation and research will be required to develop novel ingredients and technologies that allow sodium to be significantly reduced while providing products that have the safety, functionality and taste that consumers expect. 

In October, GMA submitted comments on FDA’s guidance on the short-term sodium reduction targets,  including recommendations that categories be streamlined and the timeline to meet the short-term reduction goals be extended to at least four years.

GMA’s long-term comments can be found here.


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