Executive Update

GMA Addresses Globalization of Food Additive Safety

USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) Office of Agreements and Scientific Affairs (OASA) held an emerging market outreach educational event addressing government officials in Thailand and China earlier this month on ongoing food additive safety evaluations and industry best practices.

GMA’s Director of Science Policy, Chemical Safety Maia Jack participated on the panel of industry experts and presented on globalization and harmonization of science-based standards as well as the usefulness of the International Food Additive Database funded by USDA FAS Market Access Program's Global Broad-Based Initiative (GBBI).

These educational outreach events to emerging markets are intended to increase confidence in human health protections afforded by the existing regulatory framework in order to prevent unnecessary risk management actions and achieve globalization and harmonization of food additive regulations.

USDA FAS is in the process of scheduling other additional outreach events by September 30, with India as top priority.