Executive Update

GMA Announces New Sustainability Educational Webinar Series

GMA recently announced a new educational webinar series on sustainability for 2012. This series, which kicks off in July, will focus on the key sustainability topics facing the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry.

The CPG sector has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to improving consumers’ lives both through the products they provide and through stewardship of the environment, and the industry has made tremendous, innovative progress in many sustainability areas. However, challenges still remain and this five-part webinar series will bring together some of the nation’s leading experts on sustainability issues to educate and inform participants on not just issues, but also practical solutions and model practices addressing many of these challenges.

The series is designed for sessions to build on the last and provide particular insight in and education on specific sustainability issues. Topics covered by the series will include: Best practices in municipal recycling and consumer behavior programs; Food Waste- results of a groundbreaking GMA-FMI study on food waste generation and disposal; Sustainability Master Class; What the Election Means to You and Your Sustainability Program; and the FMI-GMA Sustainable Packaging Best Practices Guide.

GMA is uniquely suited to secure some of the nation’s best thought leaders and decision makers on these issues, and as a result, the webinar series will offer access to information and expertise not found in any other educational opportunity.

For more information on this series, please keep an eye on the GMA events calendar.