Executive Update

GMA Engages with China on Food Safety Modernization

The recent passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), extending the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) reach into foreign countries that export food to the U.S., has encouraged major U.S. trading partners, like China, to reexamine their own food safety systems. In June 2012, China’s State Council announced a new 5-Year Plan to modernize its food safety regulations. GMA has since been conducting groundwork to position the association as a reliable source of information on industry food safety practices and FSMA in China.

In July 2012, a 20-member delegation from China’s Food Safety Commission Office (FSCO), the highest level, food safety policy making body within the Chinese government, was dispatched to Washington, DC to learn about the U.S. food safety regulatory system. During this visit, GMA hosted the delegation at its DC headquarters, for an industry dialogue and a formal dinner with key USG and GOC officials and interested industry members. In August 2012, GMA also met with the Chinese agency responsible for certifying imports and exports. Both delegations expressed an interest in working directly with GMA. 

 “Working together, our two countries can make enormous strides towards further enhancing the safety of the global food supply,” said Bailey.” We look forward to bringing GMA’s vast expertise and experience in food safety to this effort.”

As GMA continues to develop its presence in China and enhance its positive relationship with the Chinese Government by working together to advance regulatory coherence in the region,  the association will be planning a future visit to China to further discuss how GMA and the FSCO team can work together as China develops its five-year plan.