Executive Update

Nutrition Keys Advisory Board Convenes at University of Colorado Medical Center

On July 28, in Denver, CO, GMA and the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) gathered the Education Advisory Panel, featuring experts across the food and beverage industry, to discuss Nutrition Keys, a voluntary front of pack nutrition labeling system designed to help busy consumers make informed choices when they shop.

The Education Advisory Panel provides expert counsel and perspective on the Nutrition Keys consumer education campaign and is comprised of experts from diverse health, nutrition and medical backgrounds, including culinary and nutrition education, medicine, nutrition sciences, exercise physiology, behavioral nutrition and public health. 

 “We are pleased to be working with such an esteemed, engaged and diverse panel of experts,” said GMA President and CEO Pamela G. Bailey. “Their expertise, perspective and input are invaluable to the success of the Nutrition Keys initiative.”

The initial meeting of the panel is the first step towards implementation of the Nutrition Keys consumer education campaign through collaboration across the industry, with the common goal of providing the necessary tools and information consumers need to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.