Executive Update

GMA Conducts Three-part Training Series on Industry Chemical Alternatives Assessment

GMA has just completed a successful effort to educate and build credibility with state and federal regulators as they craft a regulatory framework designed to move companies toward the use of less hazardous, “safer” chemicals in products. To accomplish this, GMA formed, funded and led a coalition of industry partners to forge a CPG industry-wide consensus on what factors regulators should consider in the substitution of chemicals in products, or “alternatives assessment.”

GMA and its partners developed and recently completed a three-part, educational, webinar mini-series on Industry Alternatives Assessment targeted for EPA and eight key state agencies -- Washington, California, Minnesota, Michigan, Connecticut, Maine, New York and Massachusetts.  This webinar mini-series built upon the 2011 fall educational symposium in California staged by the GMA-led consortium. 

The webinar mini-series showcased industry best practices, highlighting the complexity of the product development process and that safety is inherent in product design.  Industry demonstrated that a one-size-fits-all approach to assessing alternative chemicals in products is not practical and that trade-offs need to be recognized in any decision-making process.  An appropriate regulatory framework must be flexible and case-by-case, and must incorporate all relevant parameters in the comparative assessment, not solely focused on hazard. As a result of its outreach and education efforts, GMA continues to improve visibility and credibility as a recognized leading voice on alternatives assessment.