Executive Update

GMA Hosts Chinese State Council for Industry Dialogue

This month, GMA hosted a 20-member delegation from the Chinese State Council.  The State Council is the chief administrative authority of the People’s Republic of China.  The State Council delegation came from its Food Safety Commission Office, which is the highest level, food safety policy making body within Chinese government, and is tasked with modernizing China’s food safety regulations over the course of the next few years as part of China’s recently released Five Year Plan.

GMA hosted the delegation at its headquarters in Washington, DC, for an industry dialogue and a formal dinner with key USG and GOC officials and interested GMA member company staff.

GMA outlined how it regularly interacts with governments around the globe on regulatory rulemaking, policy formulation and implementation processes, and how GMA might play a similar role in interacting with the GOC as they develop the Five Year Plan. 

 “As our food supply becomes more global in nature with different foods and ingredients coming from countries around the world, we have also come to recognize the critically important role of public private partnerships in meeting the challenges of the increasingly diverse and ever-changing global food supply,” said GMA President and CEO, Pam Bailey.“Working together, our two countries can make enormous strides towards further enhancing the safety of the global food supply.  We have seen this in the United States, where, industry and government together supported the creation of FDA over 80 years ago.  Since then, we have worked side by side to continuously improve our food safety systems and policies in the US.”

The Chinese delegation agreed that it would be helpful for GMA to engage with them directly as this process matures, and will plan to host GMA in China in the near future.