Executive Update

GMA Launches “We Don’t Just Make Food…We Make Time for Families” Campaign

This fall the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) launched a 10-week campaign designed to inform policymakers, media and opinion leaders about the valuable contributions food and beverage manufacturers are making to the economy, communities and the lives of consumers. The campaign is focused on what the industry is doing to spur economic growth; ensure access to safe, healthy affordable foods; tackle hunger relief;  and market its products responsibly. 

Campaign tactics include print, radio and digital media placements, as well as stakeholder outreach. 

Key messages delivered include:

  • America’s food and beverage companies are the biggest source of U.S. manufacturing jobs, constantly working to spur economic growth and job creation. The food and beverage industry represents $1.2 trillion in annual sales.
  • America’s food and beverage companies don’t just make food, they make time for families: in the last 50 years, they have reduced the amount of time and money spent on food at home by half.
  • Food and beverage makers are providing safe, healthy and affordable food options that work for everyone, including more than 20,000 healthier product choices that have fewer calories and reduced fat, sugar and sodium introduced since 2002.
  • Food and beverage companies are doing more to feed hungry Americans than anyone else. Through our partnership with Feeding America, the largest network of community food banks, we help feed 37 million hungry Americans, donating 1.5 billion pounds of food.
  • Since the implementation of strict voluntary nutrition standards by the industry, today 100 percent of advertisements seen during children’s programming promote healthy products and active lifestyles.

To view radio and print ads or additional important facts about the benefits that the food and beverage industry provides, click here.