Executive Update

GMA a Major Contributor to Creation of APEC Partnership Training Institute Network

In 2007, at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders Meeting, heads of state released a joint statement that included a specific reference to the need to develop a more robust approach to strengthening food safety in the region, using a scientific risk-based approach.

Working in cooperation with the Australian and Chinese co-chairs of the Food Safety Cooperation Forum and U.S. government officials, GMA played an instrumental role in creating the APEC Partnership Training Institute Network (PTIN) for food safety capacity building in 2008. The goal to develop reproducible sustainable food safety training materials that could be used by academia, industry, and government agencies to provide consistent messaging on international best practices was set.

Since the formation of the APEC-PTIN program, the industry has brought – and continues to bring – technical and operational expertise to the development and deployment of PTIN training programs working alongside regulators and other food safety experts in areas such as: risk analysis, supply chain management, incident management, laboratory capacity and food safety regulatory systems. To date, 32 PTIN food safety training workshops have been held in the APEC region, including China, where science experts from GMA member companies have been featured as faculty.