Executive Update

GMA Releases Brand New FSMA Publication

This month, GMA has released a new two-part publication on The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) entitled A Systems Approach Using Preventive Controls for Safe Food Production.

Separated into two parts, this publication provides a logical approach for introducing food safety hazard analysis and preventive controls, and includes information necessary for developing a model food safety and food defense plan.

Part one of the publication, “Establishing a Food Safety System” features an introduction to foundational food safety programs, with a separate chapter devoted to sanitation.  It also focuses subsequent chapters on identifying biological, chemical and physical hazards, and provides an overview of control mechanisms for each hazard type.

Part two of the publication, “Food Defense Planning—Prevention of Intentional Adulteration”is a unique companion publication that provides a combination of industry and regulatory resources all in one place, and is instructive in the principles and methods for development of a food defense plan.  Featuring contributions from over 30 food safety, food defense and legal experts, this manual will be crucial in individual food safety management endeavors. 

This new publication is now available for purchase on the GMA Online Bookstore, buy your copy today!