Executive Update

Journalist Panel and Political Update Added to the GMA Growth and Public Policy Summit Program

The GMA Growth and Public Policy Summit provides an unparalleled opportunity for representatives from the food, beverage and consumer product industry to make their voices heard in the ongoing public policy debate in Washington, DC. Leaders from across the board will meet to examine new policies and how they affect their industry, and to discuss relevant issues on the horizon.

On July 17 you can spend a day with the nation’s top experts from the agriculture, health, food and consumer product policy communities. Attendees will gain insight into emerging issues in the industry and establish new connections through the Leadership in Public Policy Dinner.

In addition, the GMA Growth and Public Policy Summit allows industry leaders to work with policymakers to develop new strategies for developing issues and champion responsible public policy solutions for the problems facing consumers, our industry and the world.

The educational program and speaker line-up has been thoughtfully created to focus on emerging issues in our industry as well as the global economy. Sessions include:

Political Update

The last three election cycles have been some of the most contentious and volatile in American history. With new economic and political challenges facing our nation, the political stakes are higher than they have ever been. The question posed to our panelists: What will 2013 hold and what will it tell us about the 2014 election cycle? This session will explore these issues and offer an opportunity to hear from people involved in these matters every day.

Jon Allen, Senior Washington Correspondent, Politico

Liesl Hickey, Executive Director, National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC)

Kelly Ward, Executive Director, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)

Covering the Great Debate:  Food and Health Reporting in the 21st Century

Journalists play a critical role in shaping public opinion. The outcome of a public policy debate can and often does hinge on the way an issue is covered by the media, so understanding what drives news coverage has never been more important. This session will feature news veterans from national, regional and digital publications engaged in a stimulating roundtable discussion of the state of food and heath reporting today.

Allison Aubrey, Food and Health Correspondent, NPR

Helena Bottemiller, Washington Correspondent, Food Safety News

Philip Brasher, Editor, Executive Briefing-Agriculture and Food, Roll Call

Candy Sagon, Health Writer, AARP Bulletin

Sally Squires, MS, Senior Vice President and Director of Food, Nutrition and Wellness Communications, Powell Tate

Stephanie Strom, Food Industry Business Reporter, New York Times