Laboratory and Claims Management Services

GMA offers a variety of services, both in-house and through our partner laboratory, to support our members’ efforts to resolve issues related to their products.  This includes both expert laboratory analysis of product samples and top-notch management of product liability claims and litigation.

Product Testing

GMA is pleased to announce its partnership with RQA Food Forensics.  RQA offers comprehensive scientific analysis with preferred pricing for GMA member companies.  This testing includes foreign material identification, microbiological testing, and chemical screens.  For more information, please refer to the GMA Members page on RQA’s website, or contact Mary Ann Platt at

Additionally, while GMA no longer offers in-house laboratory testing, our scientists remain available to guide our members through the testing process.  This includes consultation on the appropriate tests for a particular sample, interpretation of lab results, and addressing sample storage and shipping concerns.  To request such assistance, please contact Dan Howell at (202) 639-5931 or

Claims Management Services

GMA is also pleased to introduce Product Liability Solutions (PLS).  A continuation of our claims management services formerly offered under the Claims Program, PLS strives to effectively and efficiently resolve consumer claims on behalf of our members.  The PLS team will interact with claimants and their attorneys, gather all relevant documents, assess the validity of the claim from both a manufacturing and legal perspective, and provide a strategy (or multiple strategies) for resolution.  PLS will then seek to quickly and fairly resolve meritorious claims, and aggressively defend those without merit (including using our national network of experienced counsel to defend matters in court if necessary).

For more information, or to submit a claim, please contact Steven Leslie, Esq. at (202) 639-5950 or