Recall Management

A recall can happen to anyone.  Product recalls  are complex, multi-faceted events that require careful and expeditious action by a variety of stakeholders. GMA is vigilant in its approach to safeguarding consumers by ensuring that companies have the best tools and guidance available to manage a recall efficiently and effectively. Managing a recall successfully depends on how well prepared you are — having current information and understanding recall policies are critical.

FDA Reportable Food Registry

The Food and Drug Administration's Reportable Food Registry (RFR) was created by an amendment to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA). The RFR is an electronic portal by which instances of reportable food(s) must be submitted to FDA, according to the FFDCA amendment. After receipt of reports through the portal, FDA is required to review and assess the information submitted for purposes of identifying reportable foods, issuing an alert or notification, or exercising other actions to protect the public health. GMA scientific and regulatory experts are available to help GMA member companies navigate the nuances of this tool.

Rapid Recall ExpressTM

To streamline the communication of consistent and accurate product recall information between retailers and manufacturers, GMA joined with the Food Marketing Institute, National Grocers Association and GS1 US, a global standards organization and technology provider, to create Rapid Recall ExpressTM .  This is a new, simplified form that will be free and open to all companies for use, making it easier for all trading partners to prepare and send or receive recall and withdrawal notifications. It utilizes GS1 Global, Open Standards and contains structured data to assist brand owners to easily "enter the data once" and enable retailers to receive complete and accurate data within 30 minutes of a public release. Suppliers will be able to  notify any trading partner of their choosing.  Additionally, the notification can be shared with third-party providers who assist the affected company with the execution of these events; reducing the amount of time the affected product is in the marketplace. Recalling firms can incorporate Rapid Recall ExpressTM  into existing company practices to enable the expeditious flow of needed information. 

GMA and GS1 US encourage any CPG company to participate in this streamlined and straight-forward approach to communicating and executing a recall.  The benefit is that this easy and efficient process will save time, money and resources that are currently being expended by brand owners, manufacturers and retailers. 

Specifically, Rapid Recall ExpressTM  was created to address:

•    Product removal timelines and accuracy
•    Reliable, standardized communications
•    Consumer protection and confidence
•    Brand protection and assurance

GMA Product Recall Tools and Resources

Open Letter to the Food Industry on Industry Standardization for Recalls 

Shipping Guideline Template

Rapid Recall Express Form

Job Aid

Purchase Recall Manual


Capturing Recall Costs

Recall Checklist

Recall Execution Effectiveness

Recall Questions & Answers

Recall InfoLink - Recall InfoLink provides state-of-the art recall process management across the entire supply chain to make recalls and withdrawals faster and easier for all.  With the Rapid Recall Express standard integrated into the system (RRE inside), Recall InfoLink is setting the standard for comprehensive recall management that satisfies both business and regulatory needs, reducing liability. A fast, flexible system allows for customized B2B and B2C notification and management to protect consumers, brands and businesses.  Integrated, secure notifications and responses are documented and compiled into easy-to-use reports.



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