FDA Recognition Process

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has the authority to review and approve an individual, university, or technical institute to become a recognized BPCS provider. 

To receive approval from the FDA, the candidate must meet the following requirements:

1) Instructor(s) should have at least several years of industrial experience in the manufacture of both low acid and acidified foods. Instructors should also have a working knowledge of the 21 CFR parts 108,113,114.  Academic backgrounds for instructors should be in one or more of the appropriate scientific disciplines such as food science, food engineering, microbiology, food packaging etc.

2) The course must be presented using materials approved by the FDA. This can be a combination of the GMA SEF published Canned Foods Manual (CFM) and teaching slides, GMA SEF CFM and your own slides, or GMA SEF teaching slides alone.  The current GMA SEF materials are approved BPCS instructional materials. Alternate materials may be used but will require approval by the FDA prior to their use.

3) During the entity’s inaugural course offering, the FDA will participate in monitoring the new BPCS class as deemed necessary and pending availability of FDA staff.  FDA will make every effort to be present at the course but may arrange alternative options depending on staff time and budgetary constraints. 

4) The candidate must maintain BPCS records such as participant lists and exam results for a period of 10 years.

New entities to the BPCS program may apply for FDA approval by contacting the BPCS Administrator via e-mail and include the following:

5) References to all teaching materials

6) Names and qualifications (CVs) of the instructors

7) Exact dates and address of the proposed BPCS

8) A point of contact for any communication needed after the course has taken place.

The above materials should be submitted prior to the offering of the BPCS course with enough time for the Agency to make the necessary review of the materials and to arrange for the monitoring of the course to Michael.Mignogna@FDA.HHS.GOV. Alternatively, the entity may contact the GMA SEF to seek assistance in facilitating the application process by writing to sef@gmaonline.org.  The BPCS Administrator needs to be notified of all foreign BPCS courses, not just the initial offering.