Company-Specific Onsite Better Process Control Schools

Tailored BPCS Training

The GMA SEF offers plant-specific FDA-approved BPCS training tailored to the needs of each facility.  The course will be taught using the FDA-approved BPCS text, Canned Foods: Principles of Thermal Processing Control, Acidification and Container Closure Evaluation.  Each course is presented by two qualified instructors experienced with the canned foods regulations for up to 25 trainees per course.

Request for Quote

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Course Content

There is a total of seventeen chapters within the Canned Foods Manual, six of which are required by the FDA.  Dependent upon the products produced, additional chapters can be taught and those chapters will be added to the program to address specialties related to actual equipment and packaging used in your facility.

Attendee Evaluation

Tests will be administered after the delivery of each chapter.  Certificates will be issued for attendees receiving a 70% or greater on exams of the required chapters.  Passage (70% or above) of additional chapters will also be denoted on the individual’s certificate. 

Length of Training

2-4 days depending on number of chapters presented.