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Through generous contributions from our donors, the GMA SEF has been able to support food safety education in middle school classrooms and cutting-edge research on foodborne pathogens such as Listeria in frozen foods, validation of purging methodologies to eliminate contaminants on food processing equipment and risk assessments for economically motivated adulteration as required by FSMA.  In addition, the GMA SEF continues to provide state-of-art technical training for GMA members, their suppliers and the industry at large with a focus on food safety, technology, thermal processing and the promotion of food safety culture.

2015 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report

The SEF is currently seeking partners/donors for the following programs:

Food Safety Learning Alliance 

An alliance of industry representatives to invest in the development and delivery of a suite of customizable training modules for practitioners and operational employees in food processing facilities such as:

1.     Foundational food safety training for critical employees
2.     Practical skills-based training for Operator/Technician/Practitioner level staff
3.     Food Safety Professionals development programs

International Food Safety Education Fund 50/25 : 25/50 Challenge

We are scaling up the exciting middle school food safety education from the current 22 states to “50” states by 2025 (50/25) and establishing it in 25 countries by 2050 (25/50).  We are taking food safety to middle-school children in China!  The foundation, working in conjunction with Hands On staff and China Children and Teenagers Fund, is piloting the Hands On food safety curriculum in schools in Beijing, China with industry partners. Learn more!

If you or your company would like to make a “tax-deductible” contribution to the foundation or a donation to a specific SEF program, please contact Brian Bedard,, 202-639-5971 or Weiyi Zhao,, 202-637-8460.

See below for a complete list of current SEF donors!

SEF Leadership Circle

SEF Leadership Circle ($10,000 and more) – Leadership circle level contributors play a pivotal role in guiding the foundation in achieving its missions and goals. Donors at this level are invited to sit on the board of the SEF and their companies receive co-branding with all SEF programs. Donors also receive discounted or free registration to SEF- sponsored webinars, workshops and trainings including BPCS.

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SEF Advocates

SEF Advocates ($3,000 – $9,999) – Advocate level donors receive co-branding with all SEF programs and discounted registration to SEF-sponsored webinars, workshops and trainings including BPCS.

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SEF Partners

SEF Partners ($150 - $2,999) – Partner-level donors receive discounted registration to SEF webinars and workshops.

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